An open letter warning Matthew Stafford

Dear Matthew Stafford,

I don’t care how bad things are in Detroit, do everything within your power to prevent yourself from becoming a member of the Cleveland Browns. Pull a Carson Palmer. I don’t care. Say you either release me or I retire. It’s genius. Let some other poor veteran get his sh*t rocked week-after-week (What up Jason Campbell, Josh McCown).

I know these are just rumors floating around, but dude seriously. If you get dealt to the Browns you will have played for both the Browns and the Lions. Jesus Christ. Two franchises that players go to die.

I think you should already be in the Hall of Fame for what you’ve accomplished in Detroit. I mean two playoff appearances in seven seasons? Lions’ fans should be ecstatic. I’d kill to have the same quarterback for seven consecutive seasons in Cleveland. You throw to f*cking Megatron. In Cleveland have fun finding our dwarfs of receivers (no offense Andrew Hawkins, Brian Hartline) while Geno Atkins is running straight at you. It ain’t gonna happen.

Man I’m telling you as a concerned fan. Follow the Carson Palmer path patented by Kurt Warner. Great success can be found late in careers for aging quarterbacks. Palmer is near the end of the road, and you’re 27. Perfect timing. Just say absolutely no to playing for a sh*tty franchise (Browns) and wait for the right opportunity. Kurt and Carson got to throw to Larry Fitzgerald when they were dinosaurs. Matthew Stafford, my friend, you could be that dinosaur if you have the patience.


A meaningless blogger

PS: Having you on the Browns would be dope

Evan Hablitzel

Sports Chat Co-Founder

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