Andy Dalton: Disgrace To Gingers

In case you missed it, the Houston Texans and JJ Watt defeated the previously undefeated Bengals 10-6 on Monday Night Football last night. Watt, the corniest athlete maybe ever, made a terrible joke regarding Andy Dalton being a ginger in a post game interview.

“Our goal was to come out here and make the Red Rifle look like a Red Ryder BB Gun, and I think we did that.”

Ouch. Damn JJ, you cold. That’s some serious shade right there. I was shocked he gloated at all, to be honest. I was almost proud of him, until he said this.

“He is a great player, and they are a great team, but our coaches put together a great game plan, we executed the game plan, everybody did their job.”

JJ, are you kidding me. You talked some shit, all be it awful, and then add, “he’s a great player” directly after. I feel like off camera Ray Lewis was rolling his eyes while Trent Dilfer was legitimately laughing at the joke.


This “beef” gets better with Andy Dalton’s response to Watt’s comments.

“I’m disappointed in him because of the integrity of this game. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s a really good player. There are a lot of kids and people who look up to him, and for him to make comments like that, he’s just showing that’s acceptable to say that kind of stuff.”

Andy Dalton you were once a sign of hope for gingers, your response shows you to be Charmin soft. You ruined future opportunities for ginger quarterbacks. Could he be more sensitive? JJ Watt is corny, but quite possibly the nicest dude in the league. He didn’t cuss, or frankly even insult you. He called you “great” after (LMAO). He made a shitty joke. I thought you turned a corner Andy, sadly I was wrong. You’re soft. Oh, and good luck in the playoffs this year.


Evan Hablitzel

Sports Chat Co-Founder

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