Peyton Manning intends to play in 2016?

Shockingly, there is a rumor Peyton intends to suit up again in 2016, even if it is not with the Denver Broncos. I love Peyton Manning, great guy, funny commercials and a hell of a pizza chain. But are you kidding me Peyton? I was at FirstEnergy Stadium watching him play my Browns a few weeks ago disgusted. Of course we lost, but Peyton looked awful throwing the ball. I mean, his interception in overtime was dreadful. It is truly saying something that I would rather have Josh McCown quarterback the Browns next season than Peyton Manning. I know it must be difficult, but hey bud, you’re just done. No athlete should desire to go out in the manner Brett Favre did. Favre looked like Uncle Rico his last year with the Vikings. Scratch that, Favre looked awful; Peyton has been Uncle Rico this season.

I hear the Browns would be interested in Manning as an executive in the organization. Now we’re talking, Peyton. I just had to write a blog post ranking our 23 starters since 1999, and while I’m still holding out hope on Johnny, I would gladly take Peyton’s advice in the draft room regarding a quarterback choice. No one is denying he has a brilliant football mind; his body is just done. And would anyone want him? I would gladly have him mentor a young quarterback in a backup capacity (like not really a backup, in the front office or as a coach), because, I mean look at his numbers this year. Here they are, nine touchdowns against 17 interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 67.6, that’s for YOUR information Peyton. NO ONE LIKES TO WATCH A LEGEND HOLD ON TOO LONG. It’s parallel to that family that has a sick dog. It needs to be put down for its own good, the poor thing is miserable. But the family simply can’t let go. It is very sad, almost as sad as Manning’s performance against Kansas City.

Dear Peyton, for the love of God please retire after this year.

PS- Let Brock Osweiler start for the remainder of this season, you know it’s the right thing to do.

Evan Hablitzel

Sports Chat Co-Founder

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