Dear Coach Pettine

It is November 24, and quite bluntly, I am pissed off. I believe a week ago you named Johnny Manziel your starting quarterback for the remainder of the season? Does that sound correct to you? Okay, cool, we’re on the same page then. He played well against Cincinnati, and again performed admirably against the Steelers (in a 30-9 loss, one of the only positives). You even said so, but of course its Cleveland and Monday a video surfaced of your enigmatic quarterback nodding to “March Madness” in an Austin nightclub with a bottle of Dom Perignon in his hands. Concerning? Sure, Mike. It is not what you want to see from the guy, I understand that. He has a history, but has done his job in the building this season (probably better than you have performed at yours, more on that in a minute). The statement released by the Browns said this decision was yours, and yours only. You are an idiot, Mike. Lets take a step back and review your current standing as the Browns head coach, this should be fun.

Last year was okay, I guess. We lost our last five games, but a 7-9 finish in Browns fans eyes is hell of a lot better than the four/five win seasons we are accustom to. I was even a fan of you last year. You handled the Johnny debacle well, facing a media firestorm every week. I had optimism coming into this season. It was not the, blind schizophrenic optimistic disease that infests every Browns fan every offseason. You, your staff, and general manager Ray Farmer had us convinced we had a top five offensive line and a top five defense, with a vicious secondary. Amongst other bullshit you spewed in training camp, we were told players were developing (such as former first round picks Barkevious Mingo and Justin Gilbert). Oh, and 2015 first round pick Danny Shelton looked amazing too, apparently.

You say you can’t trust Johnny? I can’t trust you Mike, lets look at some numbers. To get the ball rolling, I would like to remind you that your record is 2-13 in your last 15 games as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. And we have thee worst record in the league this season currently (2-8). How about that defense Mike? Goddamn, they are stellar. With 27.7 points allowed per game, your defense ranks 30th in the league (there are 32 teams). Oh, and Danny Shelton was going to help us solidify the front seven and stop the run right? We are dead last against the run (138.8 yards per game). Dead f*cking last. Trent Richardson could probably rack up a 100 yards against your pathetic, excuse of a defense. Just a side note, weren’t you the “mastermind” behind Rex Ryan’s defense? I guess a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and again.

All training camp it was force fed that we were going to be a power running team with a smash mouth defense. I have already shredded your defense, on to the next one. How’s our run game doing? Well, we rush for 75.6 yards per game, Mike. Do you want to know where that ranks us? Not dead last, but 31st. How about that “top five” offensive line? They have conceded 36 sacks this season, most in the league. There has been no development on either side of the ball. You have done nothing, and now you just alienated yourself from an entire fan base yearning for excitement.

To be fair, I do not know all the details surrounding Johnny’s issues. But season ticket holders, and loyal Browns Backers deserve the excitement of seeing our 2014 first round pick play Monday night against the Ravens. Ironically Mike, I think you need Johnny Manziel. I just reeled off the numbers. You are a dead man walking, coaching the worst team in the NFL. You, as well as Ray Farmer, need a spark to keep your jobs. Jimmy Haslam should fire you right now. Trust me, the entire fan base wants you both gone. Demoting Johnny to third string did nothing but piss off a loyal fan base, and solidify your unemployment at the end of the season. You have brought nothing to this franchise, and for me, this was the final straw.


A pissed off Browns fan


Evan Hablitzel

Sports Chat Co-Founder

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19 thoughts on “Dear Coach Pettine

  1. I totally agree with you. And everyone I know agrees as well. Mike pettine seems to not know what he’s doing half the time. It’s terrible coaching. I honestly cannot wait till he gets fired. Johnny should be starting but according to the stupid ass head coach he is starting McClown. He might start thinking once he gets his ass booted out the door, and I cannot wait.

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    1. Reallly? Mike is the problem? Hell no. Far, Far from the problem. I didn’t believe in McCown at the beginning of she season and he shut me up. Breaking records, setting records, doing things a Cleveland QB has not done in the past 30 years. How is he the problem??? The problem is our Owner. No determination to make this. Winning team. He left Farmer in charge who can’t see talent with or without his glasses. Who wants to trade picks for weaker picks and picks for the following year to do what? The same thing. Trade our great picks for weaker picks and extra picks the following year. No GM in the nfl has ever done that unless they were here in Cleveland. You can’t keep drafting players under 6′ and then skip over sure fire Recievers every chance you get. It’s hurting the team. And if you ever take a future look at our schedule you should determine that your Corner backs are almost an entire foot shorter then the Recievers they are gaurding. Let’s start making football decisions that make sense. Then our defensive coordinator is dumb and has no idea of what an nfl offense or defense even is. Our offensive line coach has no clue on what to teach these guys on the line. No techniques, no stunsts, no pulls, no blocking and way to many sacks and penalties from our pro bowlers. This team was set up to fail and sad thing is, it’s not our QB fault this time. He’s the only one doin his thing. Well Barnidge too. but farmer has got to go. Keep pettine, get rid of the coordinators, bring in consultants, bring in proven scouts, bring in a tough GM that can look at talent, look at our team an put two and two together. THE RIGHT WAY!!!


      1. Okay I understand the owners part… Haslam is a total joke. But who brought in this staff? Mike. He hired his buddy at o coordinator and not once did I say McCown is the problem. Not once was this article critical of McCown he has done his job. It’s about a coach and GM 2-13 in their last 15 games.


      2. Oh and Charles Hundley who hired the offensive line coach and d coordinator? And who actually runs the d? Mike
        Pettine. Contradicting yourself quite a lot.


  2. Johnny is a bum can’t stay professional like the organization wants him to and that’s who u want leading your team a qb that has put up 19 point combined in the last two games yeah against Pittsburg he had a lot of yards but 9 points that’s really going to win games you Cleveland fans amuze me


    1. You obviously aren’t a Browns fan or have watched any games or even read the article it’s about excitement for the fans


    2. Is Johnny a starting qb in the league? Probably not. Does mccown give us a better shot at winning? Yes, absolutely. Is mccown our future? Fuck no he’s a journeyman at the end of his career. Is the season over? Of course it is. So what we are saying as Browns fans is let Johnny play so we KNOW for sure moving forward that he’s not the man. We’ve already concluded that mccown is not. So instead of seeing if manziel is the guy Pettine is trying to save his job and save face by getting 2 or 3 garbage wins at the end of the season so he can pull the old ” things started clicking towards the end, we will have a better understanding next year”. It’s bogus. Give the fans what they want and let’s see what this kid has so we can solve the issue moving forward

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    3. No –the point is don’t throw rocks at glass houses! Pettine keeps taking the microscope off HIM & putting it on every move Johnnie makes. J is doing his job on the field. Pettine is not! That’s the point! The fans deserve a coach that can “coach” instead of just wiggling his finger in the players noses like they are 12 yrs old. Johnnie will be traded–you watch! Another decent player GONE. We will get to watch him do well elsewhere like MANY others before him. Season ticket owners/holders PAY a lot hoping for great football in FirstEnergy … period! #SickOfThisCircus

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  3. Pettine made the move to start Manziel because he was forced to. By the same people who drafted him. Pettine doesn’t draft. He may have a say so but when Haslam wants someone they draft him. We could have had Derek Carr. Julio Jones Sammy Watkins. Say what you want about Pettine but until we get a capable front office our coaches won’t matter. We didn’t have people knocking the door down to coach here in the past and fire him and we really won’t.


      1. The one thing that nobody is saying is that Johnny Football’s off the field antics are a major DISTRACTION! He’s obviously an alcoholic, been in rehab and is likely headed back there, can’t or doesn’t know how to behave himself and “not do anything to hurt the team.” Say what you want but the coach had very few options. This team has so many other issues without Mr. Football’s idiotic actions even the best coach in the league couldn’t fix it. Johnny’s partying is just icing on the cake. If you want to blame some one, blame the owner, who had a chance to send a message by firing someone after the last debacle of a game and decided to “stay the way we are until after the season” I still have to wonder if it’s this way by design, being that he was a minority owner of the Steelers at one time. Say what you want but this is a major management fail and it starts from the top.

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  4. We also find out today that not only did Johnny party when he said he wasn’t going to me also lied to try to cover it up?! HeyHabz ….. Still think Pettine made a mistake and should keep playing Johnny Lies A Lot?


    1. Hey Ricky, yes I do. I am a season ticket holder and there is no excitement in Cleveland at the moment. Also, Pett is a joke. Johnny is a piece of work, undoubtedly. The point is we need to see where our 2014 first round pick is before the 2016 draft. I don’t understand the demotion. If he lied and you’re going to bench him, then cut him. Sever ties completely. All this does is send mixed messages from this dysfunctional organization. And if you read the article, I think Pett has made plenty of mistakes, not just this one Ricky. He should be fired regardless.


  5. Johnny nothing more then a draft bust, (from the moment they drafted this clown I knew they made a MISTAKE. )Now who drafted this clown? Haslam fell in love with him,Farmer well he was a mistake too. I also pointed out on many sites the offensive line. (Look at last years marshmallow schedule). One last thing,(I know there are alot of johnny lovers out here.) Before they drafted this clown the Browns hired a consultantant. This consultant had Bridgewater,Carr way ahead of johnny draftbust.


  6. If I were a quarterback being drafted by or traded to the BROWNS, I’d despise the thought of being a part of this “team”. If I were Johnny Manziel, I’d want out of Cleveland and away from Pettine. Johnny will probably end up as a superstar elsewhere and we will be sitting in Northeast Ohio still trying to figure out who our starter will be from week to week. I’ve been a season ticket holder for years and years. For the first time ever, I will not be renewing. This whole year has been a joke.


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