Jerry Jones, Cowboys proving karma real

When Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones signed defensive end Greg Hardy, I silently wondered if a phenomena called “karma” would come into play. Hardy’s suspension was reduced to four games; significantly less than the initial punishment of ten, and Jerry was all smiles.

The Cowboys won a stunner Week 1 against the Giants (27-26). It was vintage Tony Romo, outdueling Eli Manning and picking up his 25th career fourth quarter comeback (fifth among active quarterbacks). All good, right? Eh, not really. Dez Bryant broke his foot and would miss the next five games. Commence the karma.

Week 2 was an ugly win over Philadelphia (20-10), but in this league a win is a win. Bryant was out, but hey, the Boys were 2-0. There was that play in the third quarter involving Romo, though. He was hit by Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks, fumbled, and then awkwardly landed on his left shoulder. The outcome? A broken left clavicle, and an expected recovery time of 6-8 weeks. It was now Brandon Weeden time in Dallas (oh my karma, and cue the Weeden struggle face).24fa1423bbffbef87dbb47287c12396e_crop_north.png

Kanye West once rapped, “I’m just tryna say the way school need teachers, the way Kathie Lee needed Regis, that’s the way I need Jesus.”

Yeezy’s lyrics can easily be remixed to become analogous to the Cowboys’ situation. The way school need teachers, the way Kathie Lee needed Regis, that’s the way the Dallas Cowboys need Tony Romo. The team went 0-7 in his absence, despite Hardy’s return from suspension. Weeden was eventually benched for Matt Cassel, acquired in a trade with Buffalo. To say the quarterback play in Dallas was “bad” is being quite kind. It was dreadful, and Weeden has since been cut.

In the midst of the losing streak, Greg Hardy continuously made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Questionable quotes, misbehavior on the sidelines, a leaked rap video, a missed team meeting and the visual evidence from his domestic violence incident going public. Hardy showed zero remorse throughout, and was public praised by Jerry Jones as a leader. He was playing well, but the team continued to struggle (lets not forget the Joseph Randle saga either).

America’s team sat at 2-7 (no team has ever made the postseason with this record) heading into a Week 11 matchup with the Miami Dolphins. Regardless, Jerry Jones held out hope in a weak NFC East. A 24-14 win against the Dolphins renewed a false feeling of optimism in Dallas. Karma would come full circle Thanksgiving day.

Romo suffered a hairline fracture in the same area of his left clavicle injured Week 2 during a 33-14 loss to the undefeated Panthers. He was aware of the risks of returning from his injury so quickly, but is not getting any younger and felt the possible reward to be worth potential consequences. He cited last year’s Panthers that sat at 3-8-1, and eventually found themselves in the postseason, as proof that anything can happen.

The Dallas Cowboys are now 3-8, and Matt Cassel is their quarterback again. A season with Super Bowl 50 aspirations has been disastrous. Every move made by Jones and the Cowboys has backfired, and no one has sympathy for them. I have always believed in the old adage “karma is a bitch.” The Dallas Cowboys’ 2015 season has only solidified my belief.

Jerry Jones symbolizes everything wrong with the National Football League ethically. He is full of sh*t, and deserves the hardships his team has suffered from this season. Karma is taking its toll on Jones, I only hope Commissioner Roger Goodell is next.

Evan Hablitzel

Sports Chat Co-Founder

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