A continued numbness to mass violence

As I sat down at my laptop tonight I was planning on penning a reactionary piece to my experience at Monday Night Football in Cleveland. My beloved Browns lost in heartbreaking fashion, but an alert flashed across my phone today that halted my anger at Austin Davis being named the team’s starter.

There has been another mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. At least 14 dead and one to three shooters remain at large, heavily armed. How can I justify giving a flying f*ck who the Browns starting quarterback is today with this horrific news? I couldn’t. Sports are an escape from real life, and situations such as said shooting bring perspective to what matters, and what does not matter.

With that being said, an odd sense of numbness to the news consumed me. I am so used to mass shootings, and it is beginning to scare me. It is horrifying and makes one hold those close to them dearly, but does it truly affect us anymore? Honestly ask yourself this question.

We say prayers for the victim’s families and keep them in our thoughts, but then we wake up the next day like nothing happened. We are so god damn accustomed to this sort of violence, and it is becoming concerning. The Islamic State is scary, but domestic terrorism and gun control should be at the forefront of our concern as citizens of the United States of America.

“This is getting crazy,” my mother says while scrambling around the kitchen preparing dinner. “It just seems like everyday something like this happens.”

Violence is reaching an increasingly alarming level at a global rate. I am no expert, but guns seem easy to come by, extremists have the means to attain them, and the issue is not receiving as much attention as it should.

I am no saint; I am an equal part to this problem. I will wake up tomorrow and still be pissed at Austin Davis, and the outcome of MNF. The second thing to cross my mind will be this shooting. That is so twisted, backwards and for lack of a better term, f*cked up. I am becoming numb to situations such as these. A mass shooting is turning into the equivalent of an inner-city murder/ passion of crime I hear on the local news following a nationally televised football game.

I will not make this political, nor will I mention any statistics on gun violence in America. This is strictly my snap reaction and an inside look at what I am currently thinking. Peace in totality is impossible, but we can do better than this.

Evan Hablitzel

Sports Chat Co-Founder

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