Police report: Manziel threatened, struck ex-girlfriend

The Fort Worth police report concerning Johnny Manziel’s alleged assault of ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley was released today, and it doesn’t look good:

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There’s really not too much to say here. The dramatic fall of Johnny Football continues to grow darker and darker. If the police report wasn’t enough, ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas is reporting the details of Crowley’s affidavit:

“He grabbed me by my hair and threw me back into the car and got back in himself,” she reportedly told police. “He hit me with his open hand on my left ear for jumping out of the car. I realized immediately that I could not hear out of that ear, and I still cannot today, two days later.”

Crowley then reportedly hit Manziel several times, hoping to get out of the car, but, she told police, Manziel “threw me off of him” and she hit her head on the car window. She told police he would not give her her phone.

Sources say Manziel then got on Interstate 30 and began driving to her apartment in Fort Worth. While en route, she claims, she yelled at him, “I hate you!” He allegedly replied that “he was going to drop me off, take my car and go kill himself,” sources said.

She says she thought he was on drugs or maybe having a psychotic break. She told police she then began telling him she loved him.

She says at that time Manziel “started laughing” and then reportedly yelled at her to “shut up or I’ll kill us both.”

Jesus, Johnny. Has there ever been an athlete fall from grace so quickly, and with such flair? He’s making Ryan Leaf and Todd Marinovich’s demises look long and drawn out. The past two years it feels like there’s been at least one Johnny story or video every couple of weeks. The social media posts of him partying, holding a bottle of Dom Perignon and singing Future were entertaining. The Billy Vegas debacle was absurd and absolutely warranted a laugh, but this incident does not.

The Fort Worth Police Department investigation officially closed today, Manziel won’t be charged. That doesn’t make the slightest difference in how the report and its content should be viewed. Like the police report said, Crowley was uncooperative with their line of questioning and refused to let them take any pictures of her injuries. From a legal standpoint there was nothing else the police could do.

The alleged assault has the same disturbing narrative attached to it that seems to be the norm with domestic violence. Something obviously went down, and we may never know exactly what that something was. Forget playing in the NFL or even CFL next season, the guy needs to get his life in check.

Of course, Manziel denied the details of the report in an interview with TMZ Sports:

Johnny Manziel tells TMZ Sports … he did NOT strike his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley during a January 30th dispute saying bluntly, “It didn’t happen.”

When asked about the police report in which he allegedly threatened to kill himself during the dispute, Johnny denied that too … adding, “I’m completely stable. I’m safe and secure.”

Like I said before, there’s not much else to say. With this guy everything has been said before and everyone is just waiting for him to f*ck up again. I don’t see this ending anywhere else except a return to rehab for Johnny Manziel.

And by the way, the NFL hasn’t announced their investigation into this matter is over yet. League discipline could be on the way, and that very well may be the best thing for the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Evan Hablitzel

Sports Chat Co-Founder

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