Three Things To Do On Sunday Other Than Watch The Browns

The Cleveland Browns bye week is this Sunday and it allows and abundance of productivity to take place in the 0-12 team’s absence.

Here are three things to do while the Browns are idle Sunday afternoon:

1. Enjoy another game at the 1 pm slot?


Look, when the Browns are on– I have to watch. It’s ugly. It’s brutal. But I am a Browns Backer. But this week? I can pick whichever game I like, or the Redzone Channel for fantasy football purposes. In particular, I’ll keep my eyes on two games. The Chiefs play in Atlanta and the ‘Phins play the Ravens at 1 pm. I’m ready for a stress free Sunday.

     2. Get some work done? 


I mean, I’m a college student. No Cleveland Browns game on? I have work off, as well? Sounds like primetime for getting some work done. Procrastination will surely take place as the 1 pm games begin, but it is what it is. More work will be done without the Browns being active.

3. Sleep


I don’t know. I usually fall asleep in the third or fourth quarter of each Browns game. The Chicago Bears and San Francisco Giants play at 1 pm? That’s the best alternative to a Browns’ Sunday I’ve ever heard. Matt Barkley v. Colin Kaepernick… the matchup of the weekend, as well as a great nap.

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