Three Things To Do On Sunday Other Than Watch The Browns

The Cleveland Browns bye week is this Sunday and it allows and abundance of productivity to take place in the 0-12 team’s absence.

Here are three things to do while the Browns are idle Sunday afternoon:

1. Enjoy another game at the 1 pm slot?


Look, when the Browns are on– I have to watch. It’s ugly. It’s brutal. But I am a Browns Backer. But this week? I can pick whichever game I like, or the Redzone Channel for fantasy football purposes. In particular, I’ll keep my eyes on two games. The Chiefs play in Atlanta and the ‘Phins play the Ravens at 1 pm. I’m ready for a stress free Sunday.

     2. Get some work done? 


I mean, I’m a college student. No Cleveland Browns game on? I have work off, as well? Sounds like primetime for getting some work done. Procrastination will surely take place as the 1 pm games begin, but it is what it is. More work will be done without the Browns being active.

3. Sleep


I don’t know. I usually fall asleep in the third or fourth quarter of each Browns game. The Chicago Bears and San Francisco Giants play at 1 pm? That’s the best alternative to a Browns’ Sunday I’ve ever heard. Matt Barkley v. Colin Kaepernick… the matchup of the weekend, as well as a great nap.

Just How Bad Have The Browns Been In The Draft?

The best season for any Cleveland Browns fan is the offseason. Sad? Sure, but the NFL Draft is the Dawg Pound’s Super Bowl. A Super Bowl we always seem to lose. Every franchise will have a handful of first round busts in their history it’s inevitable, but the Browns take it to another level. Continue reading “Just How Bad Have The Browns Been In The Draft?”

Resiliency and the Browns Fan

I have three friends visiting from Indiana this weekend to attend the Browns-Bengals matchup Sunday. Two of them happen to be Bengals fans, and I am beginning to question my decision to invite them as I preview the upcoming game. They are sitting pretty at 9-2, while we sit at 2-9. Sh*t talking will undoubtedly take place, coldly directed at my Cleveland friend and I. Continue reading “Resiliency and the Browns Fan”

Dear Coach Pettine

It is November 24, and quite bluntly, I am pissed off. I believe a week ago you named Johnny Manziel your starting quarterback for the remainder of the season? Does that sound correct to you? Okay, cool, we’re on the same page then. He played well against Cincinnati, and again performed admirably against the Steelers (in a 30-9 loss, one of the only positives). You even said so, but of course its Cleveland and Monday a video surfaced of your enigmatic quarterback nodding to “March Madness” in an Austin nightclub with a bottle of Dom Perignon in his hands. Concerning? Sure, Mike. It is not what you want to see from the guy, I understand that. He has a history, but has done his job in the building this season (probably better than you have performed at yours, more on that in a minute). The statement released by the Browns said this decision was yours, and yours only. You are an idiot, Mike. Lets take a step back and review your current standing as the Browns head coach, this should be fun. Continue reading “Dear Coach Pettine”

Peyton Manning intends to play in 2016?

Shockingly, there is a rumor Peyton intends to suit up again in 2016, even if it is not with the Denver Broncos. I love Peyton Manning, great guy, funny commercials and a hell of a pizza chain. But are you kidding me Peyton? I was at FirstEnergy Stadium watching him play my Browns a few weeks ago disgusted. Of course we lost, but Peyton looked awful throwing the ball. I mean, his interception in overtime was dreadful. It is truly saying something that I would rather have Josh McCown quarterback the Browns next season than Peyton Manning. I know it must be difficult, but hey bud, you’re just done. No athlete should desire to go out in the manner Brett Favre did. Favre looked like Uncle Rico his last year with the Vikings. Scratch that, Favre looked awful; Peyton has been Uncle Rico this season. Continue reading “Peyton Manning intends to play in 2016?”

Something about Sundays

I loathe Roger Goodell, and his until recently tax-exempt league, he is the commissioner of. He is a smart f*cker, though. His ingenious exaggeration of the “Deflategate” saga involving Tom Brady’s suspension dissuaded the media pursuing further discussion of the domestic violence nightmare. For all we know Kraft and Goodell could have had the whole thing planned, the stogies and Woodford Reserve waiting in the league’s office. Continue reading “Something about Sundays”

Browns Quarterbacks: Ranking all 23 since 1999

Johnny Manziel has officially been named starting quarterback for the remainder of the season. The topic of the quarterback position for the Cleveland Browns is a laughable one. There have been 23 gunslingers under center since the expansion Browns returned to Cleveland in 1999. It is truly incredible how poor the quarterback play has been for this organization. I don’t know who or what to blame. Bad luck? Coaching? Or our god-awful string of GMs? It is just unlucky. The Packers go from Favre to Rodgers. The Colts go from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck. I hate it. Continue reading “Browns Quarterbacks: Ranking all 23 since 1999”

An open letter warning Matthew Stafford

Dear Matthew Stafford,

I don’t care how bad things are in Detroit, do everything within your power to prevent yourself from becoming a member of the Cleveland Browns. Pull a Carson Palmer. I don’t care. Say you either release me or I retire. It’s genius. Let some other poor veteran get his sh*t rocked week-after-week (What up Jason Campbell, Josh McCown). Continue reading “An open letter warning Matthew Stafford”

NFL Week 9 Picks Against The Spread

I hope my Week 9 picks are better than my abysmal Week 8… After the Panthers 29-26 overtime victory against the Colts, I ended the weekend with a record of 4-8-1. No worries, at the end of the season this past week will be seen as an outlier. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. All in all I learned a few things. The Raiders are for real, after disrespecting the Jets defense. Tampa Bay is rapidly improving after knocking off Atlanta on the road, and the Lions are laughable after embarrassing themselves against the Chiefs in London. I’ll alter my strategy this week and not rely on stats as much, going with my gut. Looking to flip the script against the spread this week. Continue reading “NFL Week 9 Picks Against The Spread”