Twenty Gems from Hunter S. Thompson

Let me start off advising you, Hunter S. Thompson is my idol as a writer (RIP). Thompson was undoubtedly eccentric. The guns, the wild acid trips… He has been described by his ex-wife as a man that could be truly loving and caring, but had a dark side that he was well aware of. I relate to that. I relate to his writing. The American Dream¬†is¬†dead, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was an ingenious book proving his point. A direct quote from the man, “The American Dream really is fucked.” The writer had a different way of viewing life, the wandering mind is the most creative and I believe Thompson possesed said trait. My connection with Thompson is something I cannot quite explain. I relate, like I previously mentioned. I do not believe it is uncommon to possess a dark side to some degree. It is healthy to be aware of it, and Hunter had no issue admitting his problems. If you have not read, or watched anything on Hunter S. Thompson I highly suggest you do so. Just a heads up, there will be a full Hunter S. piece on his contributions to modern journalism. Here are 20 passages/quotes from Thompson that hit home for me as both a person, and aspiring writer (as well as quotes encompassing his attitude toward life): Continue reading “Twenty Gems from Hunter S. Thompson”