Just How Bad Have The Browns Been In The Draft?

The best season for any Cleveland Browns fan is the offseason. Sad? Sure, but the NFL Draft is the Dawg Pound’s Super Bowl. A Super Bowl we always seem to lose. Every franchise will have a handful of first round busts in their history it’s inevitable, but the Browns take it to another level. Continue reading “Just How Bad Have The Browns Been In The Draft?”

Resiliency and the Browns Fan

I have three friends visiting from Indiana this weekend to attend the Browns-Bengals matchup Sunday. Two of them happen to be Bengals fans, and I am beginning to question my decision to invite them as I preview the upcoming game. They are sitting pretty at 9-2, while we sit at 2-9. Sh*t talking will undoubtedly take place, coldly directed at my Cleveland friend and I. Continue reading “Resiliency and the Browns Fan”

Dear Coach Pettine

It is November 24, and quite bluntly, I am pissed off. I believe a week ago you named Johnny Manziel your starting quarterback for the remainder of the season? Does that sound correct to you? Okay, cool, we’re on the same page then. He played well against Cincinnati, and again performed admirably against the Steelers (in a 30-9 loss, one of the only positives). You even said so, but of course its Cleveland and Monday a video surfaced of your enigmatic quarterback nodding to “March Madness” in an Austin nightclub with a bottle of Dom Perignon in his hands. Concerning? Sure, Mike. It is not what you want to see from the guy, I understand that. He has a history, but has done his job in the building this season (probably better than you have performed at yours, more on that in a minute). The statement released by the Browns said this decision was yours, and yours only. You are an idiot, Mike. Lets take a step back and review your current standing as the Browns head coach, this should be fun. Continue reading “Dear Coach Pettine”

Browns Quarterbacks: Ranking all 23 since 1999

Johnny Manziel has officially been named starting quarterback for the remainder of the season. The topic of the quarterback position for the Cleveland Browns is a laughable one. There have been 23 gunslingers under center since the expansion Browns returned to Cleveland in 1999. It is truly incredible how poor the quarterback play has been for this organization. I don’t know who or what to blame. Bad luck? Coaching? Or our god-awful string of GMs? It is just unlucky. The Packers go from Favre to Rodgers. The Colts go from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck. I hate it. Continue reading “Browns Quarterbacks: Ranking all 23 since 1999”

An open letter warning Matthew Stafford

Dear Matthew Stafford,

I don’t care how bad things are in Detroit, do everything within your power to prevent yourself from becoming a member of the Cleveland Browns. Pull a Carson Palmer. I don’t care. Say you either release me or I retire. It’s genius. Let some other poor veteran get his sh*t rocked week-after-week (What up Jason Campbell, Josh McCown). Continue reading “An open letter warning Matthew Stafford”

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum: Three Keys To Victory for the Browns and Bengals

The Battle of Ohio features two teams in very, very different situations. The Bengals keys to victory come from a Bengals fan (special thanks to contributions from Adam Marshall). Please note the differing levels of optimism between a Browns and Bengals fan. One has nothing but blind hope, the other has an undefeated football team heading into Week 9 of the NFL season. Continue reading “Opposite Ends of the Spectrum: Three Keys To Victory for the Browns and Bengals”

What should the Browns do with Johnny Manziel?

Johnny Manziel’s domestic dispute with girlfriend Colleen Crowley in Avon is concerning, but not the end of the world. How he reacts in the coming months will ultimately determine his future with the Cleveland Browns.

Johnny_Manziel_2014_Browns_training_camp_(2)Before discussing what should be done with Manziel from a football standpoint, it is important to observe the 22-year-old’s current situation with couth.

Fresh off of a 10-week stint in a rehab facility, Manziel must realize “having a couple drinks” in downtown Cleveland is no minor occurrence. In an interview with USA Today, Manziel’s high school coach (with whom he lived with in the offseason) voiced his concerns with Johnny’s choice to drink. Continue reading “What should the Browns do with Johnny Manziel?”