Cavs searching for answers after loss to Celtics

The Cavaliers are nowhere near being a championship caliber team right now. If Wednesday’s road loss to the Kemba-less Hornets didn’t raise enough concern, tonight’s home loss to the Celtics should sound the alarm. Continue reading “Cavs searching for answers after loss to Celtics”

Cavs Preview: There’s always this year?

Sitting in Quicken Loans Arena last summer with my old man watching the Golden State Warriors celebrate an NBA title on our turf was a nightmare.

Up 2-1 heading into game four at The Q, I allowed myself to overlook the fact we were without two of the members of our big three. Subsequently denying the impact of missing both Kyrie and K-Love.

Sitting, watching, borderline crying… I realized it wasn’t our series to win. Watching LeBron do it all on the floor made me reminisce to the 2007 NBA Finals against the Spurs. A young LeBron was ready for the big stage; he simply did not have enough talent surrounding him (sorry Larry Hughes, Daniel Gibson and Sasha Pavlovic).

The burden cannot lie solely on The King’s shoulders. As great as Jordan was, lets not forget he had Pippen, Rodman and an impressive supporting cast. Therein lies the importance of health for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Continue reading “Cavs Preview: There’s always this year?”